WhoMadeWho is an indie/disco house/punk band. The band consists of 3 people, Tomas Barfod, Tomas Hoeffding, Jeppe Kjellberg. When i first heard this band i feel in love with their music. They're fun, experimental, and have a very 60-70s vibe to there sound, and overall musical composure.

Tomas Barford (Drummer,Producer) has a very creative edge and input to form the final solutions of Who Made Who's songs and tracks. He gives the songs great beats and tempo to keep the listener engaged and wanting more.

Jeppe Kjellberg (Guitarist,Vocalist) gives the band a little something else that is nothing like anything out there in the mainstream world of music and artists. His guitar tracks are very 'creative' which adds to the goal as a band to break and melt down genres of there liking. His vocals are very mellow and simple. Jeppe has a very soothing and easy flowing atmosphere to himself, which engaged me and probably other listeners to become fans. He is very different in the ways he approaches songs. He constructs it in a creative mater to get those unique sounds, and catchy rifts that have been describe to be those of a 70s stoner band.

Tomas Hoeffding (Bass/Vocals) is a great tempo keeper on the tracks. He comes up with great and funky bass lines for the songs. But when needed he can really drive it on the tracks. As a singer he has a very smooth voice, which adds to the creative edge.

Overall, I love their sound, and creativity. Each and every song is something different than all the mainstream stuff that is out there. Shows the mainstream blokes what music is truly about.

You can check these guys out on iTunes and there Myspace is http://www.myspace.com/whomadewhomusic.