Teen Dream

Beach House's third album was released yesterday and has left quite an impression on critics.Teen Dream has warranted a coveted 9.0/10 on Pitchforks music reviews and has put listeners in the same starry-eyed state the lead vocalist, Victoria Legrand, has trademarked. With whispery, romantic lyrics and dreamy beats, Beach House emits the perfect mixture of lullaby and nostalgia. Subtle traces of influences from bands such as Grizzly Bear and Animal Collective can be found throughout this album, yet the unique calibration of an electric harpsichord, a piano and an organ creates a fresh sound that sounds a bit like magic.

Beach House live is equally as extraordinary, yet slightly over-done. I had the good fortune of seeing them live a month or two back while they were opening for Grizzly Bear and was pleasantly surprised. Although the lead singer, Victoria Legrand, sang beautifully, I sensed a faux quasi-dreamy vibe as she poured words of love from her red lips and strung her long, curly brown hair over her keyboard.

Overall, Beach House's third album has been dubbed as "indie-pop," and "calm euphoria" and sounds far better with your eyes closed.

To take a listen, click here.


Olivia Bee

In the spirit of shining a light on the arts and teens meet Olivia Bee a photographer who at 15 has a huge following on flickr and even attracted Converse who commissioned her to shoot some photographs for the brand. So for all you who don't take your Nikon D40 off of "Auto", here's your inspiration to do so!



Artist: Part2ism

check out more here

Best Ever

Artist: Best Ever

Dave Kinsey

Dave Kinsey's artwork captures the essences brought out by these demented and urban figures. His portraits show characters with stone-cold faces; a visual display of the emotion and thought. His style is like that of Street Art, which shows his main goal, "to expose as many people to art as possible and to honor the power art has when it's created and accepted." In 2001, Kinsey created the BLK/MRKT gallery, also making a new movement of art. His fine art has been shown in galleries throughout the world. Check him out here

Got Kaws?

Jack Jesse

With a very diverse and interesting portfolio, Jack Jesse expresses true emotions through the models and his photographs. Every shot being a somewhat self reflective state of mind, instantly intrigues. From models, homeboys, homeless, to just us ordinary ladies and gents, Jack Jesse has a broad array of photographs. I was fortunate enough to take some time out of his day to ask him a few questions.

Where are you based?
Im based just outside of Los Angeles, in a town called La Canada.

When did you start doing photography? and Why?
I started doing photography when i was in middle school for fun, but took it more serious when i took my first photo class in highschool. I started because my grandfather has always been an influence on my life and he always had a camera in his hand.

What inspires you?
I get inspired by anything that catches my eye and also by the feeling of just going out and capturing images that i feel are interesting.

Is there a specific theme or mood that you try to set while/when shooting?
while shooting i like to be alone. I put in a good CD and drive around and look for the one street shot that is just ''wow.'' But my theme is really depending on what exactly is happening on that exct moment of time.

What is some advice that you can give to young photographers?
I would say just always have some sort of camera on you at all times and just document what you do in a day. Try waking up, snapping a picture of yourself right when you wake up and take pictures of everything you do in that one day and then snap one right before you sleep and look at how much stuff you see and do in one day. But simply love what you photograph, don't just take a picture cause you think people will think its ''cool,'' take because you like it.

What medium do you prefer, film or digital?
Duh! Film! But film costs "cha-ching" [money]. Big bucks now a days to do film, it just looks way better, but digital is fine as well. So if you can use both, because I do.

Who are some of your influences?
My influence is life as a whole. I don't really look up to any photographer, i really look up to just snapping a photo and capturing that exact moment in time because that picture will never be the same and that moment will never happen again.

With a common love towards photography, we all share some sort of emotional attachment between the image and oneself. This passion towards art is felt by mainly artists; a passion that is not only internal but external, that brings light to the darkest of the shadows, and a passion that is known as love: "Love, one word that means multiple possibilities. Look at life and just love it. It's not as hard as you think to love it all. Because if we love one another, then all that will be left in the world is that idea of the 'perfect world.' "

Still Life

Still Life very shocking but very clever.

Boxi "to die for"

Artist: Boxi

Jasper Goodall

Mix shiny photographs, splashes of India Ink, street graphics, and 80's-style fashion, and you'll find one of Jasper Goodall's stunning art pieces. Jasper's aesthetic is mainly to work illustration and photography together to create unique, upbeat images. Daring and inspired, Jasper takes elements from different cultures to get ideas. In a collection of "dakinis," computer-generated images inspired by Eastern philosophy and religious culture, the artist creates bold block-printed pieces with impressive symbolism, including wisdom and love versus lust. In another playful collection, Jasper shot photographs of models holding up posters in front of their faces, with a nod to racy, vintage horror films. Unlike some art pieces which are passively looked at, Jasper's images speak for themselves -- and have something to say.

For more information, visit his website.

When Hirst met LV

Art and fashion motivate each other in the marketplace continually. In todays economic climate as both artists and high end luxury brands struggle to find their consumers dollars, Louis Vuitton chose artist Damien Hirst to create a project that define his art in celebration of the brands 150th anniversary. Two twin trunks designed to carry surgical instruments were created by Hirst, his inspiration was the film Dead Ringers by the great David Cronenberg. Certain to become an item for collectors, other collaborators for LV's anniversary project include celebrity chef Ferran Adrià, photographer Annie Leibovitz, musician Gustavo Santaolalla, fashion designer and Louis Vuitton’s creative director Marc Jacobs, and family heir Patrick-Louis Vuitton who all designed leather trunks and bags in line with the label’s aesthetics.

David Penzer

Mr. Penzer is a graphic design artists who works both digitally and on canvas. His works and pieces are very interesting. Using both pen, paint, pencil, paper or a computer, he is able to create artwork and graphics that can appeal to almost everyone in some sort of way.