Tv on the Radio

Tv on the Radio are a great band to inspire from. Tv on the Radio has a very 'spacious' sound with soulful vocal tracks, mysterious guitar rifts, and absent drum beats that elude from the typical mainstream bands/artist.

Vocalist Tunde Adebimpe, has a great voice, that in time and space, transfigures into an ecstasy that cant be fragmented.

Guitarist/Vocalist Kyp Malone, is a great example of an independent soul that is open to opinions and is out-there with his own. His guitar tracks on Tv on the Radio's tracks adds to their spacious, mysterious, and indie-rock sound. Their very simplistic and soothing to the ear. He is an inspiration for the ones seeking inspiration.

And i wanted to post this up, this was from an interview on gothamist:

"Tell us about the afro."
"I don't have an afro. I wear my hair in a style called a natural. It's what happens if you're black and you grow your hair long and don't process it or braid it , I recommend it to anyone who has the genetic ability to rock it. It is a good barometer of who I need to take seriously in regards to their reaction towards it. It's just fucking hair."--Kyp Malone (Gothamist interview: Kyp Malone)

This band has a very rythmic drive making there music an ecstacy to the ear. Through there melodies of african roots, gets the mind thinking, and there is an immediate connection felt. A somewhat euphoric feeling is present when listening to these great musician.

Check 'em out: