Where are you based?

LA mothaaa fucka.

When did you start doing art? Why? What is your earliest memory of being an artist?

I've been doing art forever. I don't really know why I started drawing or painting. It just kind of felt


What inspires you?

A lot of shit inspires me. But especially the city, like homeless people, hipsters, and other shit like that.

What is your design philosophy?

I don't really know how to answer this one. But I never draw pupils to the eyeballs. This is because I want people to find other ways to connect to my art besides human nature or emotion.

What does your title "Justr" as an artist mean/come from? and how does Mustrd play a role in your art?

I used to be really into tagging and Justr was the name I came up with. To me it meant to just have fun, in changing your environment and adding to the city. Mustrd is the tits.

What is your advice for beginner artists that are trying to make something of themselves?

Just have fun. Do your thing. Don’t listen to what people say, do what you like.

What medium do you prefer working on? (digital, canvas, paper, etc.)

I've been doing a lot of things on wood and cardboard lately which I kind of like. But big canvases are chill.

Who are some of your Influences?

Definitely Os GĂȘmeos the twins from Brazil, Augor MSK, Tastes Like Gold, Picasso, Dali, Insa, Blek Le Rat, and Shark Toof.