Teen Dream

Beach House's third album was released yesterday and has left quite an impression on critics.Teen Dream has warranted a coveted 9.0/10 on Pitchforks music reviews and has put listeners in the same starry-eyed state the lead vocalist, Victoria Legrand, has trademarked. With whispery, romantic lyrics and dreamy beats, Beach House emits the perfect mixture of lullaby and nostalgia. Subtle traces of influences from bands such as Grizzly Bear and Animal Collective can be found throughout this album, yet the unique calibration of an electric harpsichord, a piano and an organ creates a fresh sound that sounds a bit like magic.

Beach House live is equally as extraordinary, yet slightly over-done. I had the good fortune of seeing them live a month or two back while they were opening for Grizzly Bear and was pleasantly surprised. Although the lead singer, Victoria Legrand, sang beautifully, I sensed a faux quasi-dreamy vibe as she poured words of love from her red lips and strung her long, curly brown hair over her keyboard.

Overall, Beach House's third album has been dubbed as "indie-pop," and "calm euphoria" and sounds far better with your eyes closed.

To take a listen, click here.